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Want to place a Purchase Order?

Many public bodies place orders by issuing a purchase order. If you would like to place an order using a purchase order, you can email it to: sales@hobbytronics.co.uk or post to:

Hobbytronics Ltd
Fossegate House, Halifax Way
Pocklington Industrial Estate
Pocklington, York
YO42 1NR

We will enter your Purchase Order on our orders system and email you a Pro-forma Invoice.

If you want a quicker way of ordering directly on our website, see the details on Pro-forma Accounts below.

We do not offer credit facilities at the moment so payment (cheque, credit/debit card, bank transfer) must be received before we can despatch your order. Once payment has been received, your order will be despatched immediately. Please note: Only official delivery addresses will be accepted.

Pro-Forma Account

If you would like a quicker way to order, you can set up an account on the website for your organisation and send us a request to upgrade the account to a ‘Proforma Account’. What this means is that you can place orders with us directly on the website but will not have to enter any payment details. Instead, the system will automatically email you a Proforma Invoice. The order process allows you to enter a purchase order reference which is displayed on the pro-forma invoice so you can easily track your orders.

Payment Options

We are happy to receive the following types of payment:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Credit/debit card (using a secure online provider)

Support and Services

We offer technical support on all our orders. This can be a valuable resource for your students.

Need something we don’t stock for a project? We order from Sparkfun and Pololu on an almost weekly basis, so if we don’t stock something from one of these suppliers, we are able to order it quickly (as long as they have stock). Just email us and we can quote a price and approximately leadtimes.