QuadCopter Version 2 - Summary and Lessons Learned

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Summary and Lessons Learned

I am really pleased with the finished Quadcopter. It flies really well. Here are some of our tips for building your own quadcopter

Speed Controllers

Do upgrade the software on standard ESC's. Without it the Speed controllers are too slow to respond. Upgrading the software made a HUGE difference to the stability and reactions of the craft.

Keep the Weight down

Keep the weight down as much as possible. It currently weighs 1.6Kg. Use nylon spacers and screws whenever possible.

It is surprising how much perspex weights. The 4 perspex mounting plates which each measure 14cmx14cm and are made of 3mm perspex each weigh 75g. Thats 300g between them. Replacing 3 of these (leaving the clear top plate) with carbon fibre or fibreglass boards that are only 1mm thick but just as strong will save 100g in weight.