MultiCopter - Programming and Testing the Board

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In order to program the board a suitable serial connection to a PC is required. The board has been designed to mate directly with the Sparkfun FTDI Basic Breakout 5V board but you may use other similar products. The photo below shows the board with the attached Sparkfun FTDI board.

When connected the board acts in exactly the same was as an Arduino UNO, and you should select the Arduino UNO as the board type within the Arduino IDE.

If you are using the Sparkfun ITG3200/ADXL345 Accelerometer/Gyro sensor board, there are a couple of modifications to the code required.

The Sparkfun ITG3200/ADXL345 board needs the following modifications to the code

  • The orientation of the ADXL345 sensor is rotated 90degrees from the norm
  • The board doesn't like running at an I2C frequency of 400kHz. It produced erratic motor behaviour. Reduce the speed down to the standard 100kHz
  • The ADXL345 accelerometer doesn't need to be set to its max sensitivity of +/- 14g. This just means it picks up vibrations from the motor. Reduce the sensitivity down to its minimum +/- 2g.

You can download a copy of the MultiWii code version 1.9 with these modifications made here

Checkout the short video below showing the MultiWii Configuration software and the Flight Controller Board (coming soon)