LCD Bezel 16x2

LCD Bezel 16x2
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LCD Bezel 16x2

We have searched for a long time to find a range of LCD Bezels that can be used to smarten up your project for a reasonable price. The best we have managed so far is these bezels designed for 16x2 LCD displays. They include two mounting clips that make a tight fit against the top and bottom sides of the cutout hole in your case.

Unfortunately, these clips force the LCD screen to be fitted a little farther away from the bezel than we would like. We would prefer to cut off the mounting pins for the clips, glue the bezel in place and mount the LCD display flush against the bezel. We will leave that up to you

Anyway, a nice way to smarten up your case, especially if your hole cutting skills don't leave a perfect finish.

Note: We get a few comments that these bezels don't fit the 16x2 screen very well. They are NOT designed to fit on the screen, they are to be fitted in a cutout on a case. They do not clip onto the screen.

  • Width: 76mm
  • Height: 33mm
  • Cutout Width: 69mm
  • Cutout Height: 26mm


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LCD Bezel 16x2
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LCD Bezel 16x2
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LCD Bezel 16x2
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