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Composants Électroniques des Fournisseurs en France et dans le monde Bienvenue à HobbyTronics - le fournisseur de composants électroniques pour votre passe-temps électroniques besoins. Spécialiste des composants électroniques tels que des capteurs, robotique, cartes breakout, Arduino, prototypage à ce loisir et d'éducation du marché de l'électronique en France et dans le monde. Nous fournissons les composants dont vous avez besoin et ont une gamme de didacticiels.


We are still seeing some delays to the Royal Mail and Airmail delivery services with some orders taking much longer than expected to be delivered. If your order is taking longer than usual to arrive, please be patient and bear with us. If you have an urgent requirement, for UK we recommend choosing the Special Delivery option: although next day delivery is not currently guaranteed, your package will still get priority handling and will usually arrive within 1-2 days. For international orders, we suggest choosing the airmail express option at a minimum if you need the goods in a timely manner, and to consider using our courier service (UPS, FedEx or DHL) if it is truly urgent. This is especially relevant if you are ordering outside of Europe.


If you order a custom stencil or custom laser cutting, please make sure to follow the instructions on the product page as closely as possible to avoid additional delays.

We apologise for any frustration this may cause. Stay safe.

Latest Products

Soil Moisture Sensor Sparkfun Soil Moisture Sensor
A simple breakout for measuring the moisture in soil and similar materials. Includes a 3-pin screw pin terminal pre-soldered to the board for easy wiring and setup.

4.5-20V Fine-Adjust Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V70A 4.5-20V Fine-Adjust Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V70A
This powerful synchronous switching boost regulator efficiently generates a finely adjustable output voltage between 4.5 V to 20 V from an input voltage as low as 2.9 V while using an input current as high as 8 A. This regulator features reverse voltage protection, and unlike most boost regulators, it offers a true shutdown option that turns off power to the load.

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