RFID Keychain Fob 125KHz

RFID Keychain Fob 125KHz
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RFID Keychain Fob 125KHz

RFID 125KHz Proximity ID Tag with keyring. These fobs are great for sensing presence, identification, etc., and they're usefully small and can be attached to your keychain. Each tag comes with a unique 32-bit ID code and is not reprogrammable. The carrier frequency of this tag is 125kHz, so it works great with our ID-12 and ID-20 RFID readers.

  • 32-bit unique ID - non-reprogrammable (printed on case)
  • 125kHz read frequency
  • Each comes with Key ring included
  • Water Resistant sealed case
  • Compatible with all 125kHz RFID readers
  • Manchester encoding


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RFID Keychain Fob 125KHz
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RFID Keychain Fob 125KHz
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