QuadCopter V2

QuadCopter V2

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1. Introduction
2. Frame
3. Mounting the Batteries
4. Mounting the Electronics
5. Speed Controllers
6. Motors and Propellers
7. Radio Control System
8. UAV Flight Controller and Sensors
9. Flight Video's
10. Summary and Lessons Learned
AeroQuad Website
Simon K Firmware for ESC's
Ultrasonic Sensors on a Multi-Copter

Modified Aeroquad Software for UAV board and sensors


This is Version 2 of our Quadcopter project. The version 1 frame was effectively a test rig made from 1/4 inch aluminium tubing riveted to 2 peices of aluminium plate and had a span of 21 inches. While this worked well, we wanted something a bit more stylish for the rebuild, so an off the shelf frame made from carbon fibre was called for, The frame we chose was the Turnigy Talon V2 which is very similar in size to our home made frame, but considerably more rigid.


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