Wheel Encoder Kit

Wheel Encoder Kit
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Wheel Encoder Kit

This is the Wheel Encoder Kit from DAGU, a simple add-on to any wheeled robot that can help measure the speed or distance the chassis travels. Each wheel encoder kit consists of two neodymium 8-pole magnets with rubber hubs and two hall-effect sensors terminated with 150mm cables and 3-pin female servo headers. These wheel encoders require a supply voltage of 3-24V with a supply current of 4mA.

The magnets have 4 north poles and 4 south poles and are strong enough that the sensor can detect the poles from more than 3mm (1/8inch). This means that the sensors do not need to be precisely mounted to detect the poles. The rubber hubs will press fit over most small motor and drive shafts used in low power gearboxes. A small screw may also be used to attach the magnets in some cases.

The hall-effect sensors will work on voltages from 3V to 24V and include reverse polarity protection. The open drain output, when fitted with an external pullup resistor will drive any logic circuit from 3V to 24V and can also drive a LED or any other small load less than 25mA. These sensors can connect directly into any compatible microcontroller board and use the processors internal pullup resistors eliminating the need for any external components or wiring.


  • Supply voltage: 3V-24V
  • Supply current: 4mA per sensor
  • Output voltage: 26V maximum
  • Output current: 25mA continuous
  • Output type: Open drain


  • White wire: Output
  • Red wire: +3V to 24V
  • Black wire: Ground (0V)


Wheel Encoder Kit Datasheet


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Wheel Encoder Kit
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