Rover 5 Robot Platform

SparkFun Rover 5 Robot Platform
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Rover 5 Robot Platform 4-Motor Tracked Chassis

If you're looking for a base for your next robot, look no further than the Rover 5. The Rover 5 uses 4 independent motors, each with a hall-effect quadrature encoder and gearbox. The entire gearbox assembly can be rotated at 5 degree increments for different clearance configurations. You can even replace the tank treads with traditional wheels.

This isn't a wimpy or flimsy robot base. Weighing in at over 2.5 pounds without batteries, this base is heavy duty and can drive over quite a bit. Check the manual below for dimensional drawings.

This robot chassis has four powerful DC motors, each of which has a digital quadrature encoder output suitable for feeding into a microcontroller to allow you to accurately control the speed of each motor.


  • Adjustable gear box angles
  • 4 independent DC motors
  • 4 independent hall-effect encoders
  • Thick rubber tank treads
  • 6x AA battery holder
  • 10Kg/cm stall torque per motor


Each motor has a Red and Black lead for motor power.

Additionally the quadrature encoders have four wires

Red = +5V
Black = 0V
Yellow and White = Quadrature encoder outputs

Top Plate

The Rover 5 Platform does not come with any means to mount your control electronics, so we have created this optional laser cut white perspex top plate for you to attach all your electronics to
(Top Plate)



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Rover 5 Robot Platform
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Rover 5 Robot Platform
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Rover 5 Robot Platform
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Rover 5 Robot Platform
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Rover 5 Robot Platform
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