Arduino UNO Ethernet Pro

SparkFun Arduino UNO Ethernet Pro
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Modèle : DEV-10536
Fabricant : SparkFun
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Le Sparkfun Arduino UNO Ethernet Pro est une Arduino-taille, Arduino Uno alimenté, bouclier compatible microcontrôleur avec toutes les fonctionnalités du Ethernet Shield déjà intégré!

If you were planning on using an arduino UNO and an Ethernet shield now you can do it all with just one board.

The Arduino UNO Ethernet Pro is based on the same hardware as the Ethernet shield (Wiznet W5100) in the same configuration so it is a drop-in replacement for the "Arduino/Ethernet double-stack," and works with all of the existing Ethernet shield libraries and code. This board features the 'Optiboot' UNO bootloader, so be sure to select "Arduino Uno" in the Arduino IDE when you program it.

The board doesn't have the USB to TTL built in, but can be programmed using either an FTDI Basic or the ATmega8U2 breakout (w/ USB-to-Serial firmware).

Note: Although the board states the power supply can be between 7 - 12V DC, it would seem the voltage regulators used cannot really handle 12V and may get very hot. We recommend a supply of 6V DC



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Arduino UNO Ethernet Pro
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Arduino UNO Ethernet Pro
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Arduino UNO Ethernet Pro
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