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HobbyTronics spécialisée dans la vente de capteurs électroniques, prototypage, la robotique et de ces durs pour trouver de l'électronique passe-temps composants. Nous sommes une entreprise Royaume-Uni, mais vendent la pensée du monde et ont une clientèle importante en France. C'est la petite phrase. Maintenant, voici un peu plus de fond.

With the rapid advancement in Electronics and new technology such as accelerometers and gyros becoming much more price available, there is a growing number of people looking to build 'cool things'. From robots to rockets to simple circuits that light up an LED, these projects are much more accessible to the everyday hobby electronics enthusiast. But this new technology does come with limitations for this sector. For example, it simply isn't possible to solder some of the tinniest chips.

That is where HobbyTronics can help. We source products from around the world which provide short-cuts (such as the Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout) that combines custom PCBs with chip and firmware, allowing you to concentrate on the main project, and we sell in small 'useful' quantities, just as you need. With over 95% of our products online in stock and available to post immediately, there is no waiting around when you want to move on with your projects. We don't sell every single transistor or resistor, but we aim to sell the bits you need!

We also understand that not everyone is an expert in programming so we provide tutorials and example code to get you started. We are not just box pushers, we understand our products. We are part of the hobby electronic community and love to hear what you are making out there. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experiences, we will look to including you in our forthcoming 'Projects' section. Please email: projects@hobbytronics.co.uk

If you have suggestions for items we should stock, then please let us know.
You can contact us using the contact link at the top of the page

Hobbytronics Limited
Company Number: 07516472
VAT Registration No 124 9326 18

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